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FILM FEEDER also offers an independent online perspective which gives readers all the information they need about any upcoming film. For instance, the unique “Why should you be excited?” section gives at least one solid reason why a film might interest them.


Born in 1992, Jack Martin has been an avid film lover from a very early age (whereas most children went to bed with a teddy bear, he snoozed next to a VHS copy of Michael Mann’s Last of the Mohicans!).

His passion stems from his diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, which allows him to remain laser-focused on providing as much accurate information about any film as he possibly can, while also maintaining a unique writing style that gives him a standout voice in his field.

Jack has been consistently writing about films since 2010, when Film Feeder began life as a school newsletter that he would regularly hand out to his fellow students and teachers, right up until university. The decision to bring Film Feeder to an online platform in 2013 has greatly expanded Jack’s knowledge and passion for all things film, and today he remains just as committed to bringing readers all the latest information on what’s coming to cinemas or streaming platforms every single week, without fail and with hardly anything standing in his way.

In non film-related aspects of his life, Jack enjoys travelling to new and interesting places, spending time with family and friends, and playing the occasional video game (anything to do with Mario is alright with him!).


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